The anime industry continues to grow in the west, here is a brief history of the industry's growth.

Mother’s Basement created alove letter to Kyoto Animation, the Anime Community, and Anime in General.

What is anime?

The word “anime” is…

The power of the human voice brings life to our favorite animated characters.

Broadcast package about voice actors
Morgan Berry — Voice actress for anime, web series and video games

It is common for successful performers in this field to come from two places: acting and broadcasting. It tends to be easier for actors to make the transition than it…

Over the past year, I have been trying to develop my own personal website that showcases everything that I do in an aesthetically pleasing and cohesive manner. I recently reached out to two people, Kemma Collins and Esai Saenz, because they are currently working in industries related to entertainment and design. Both of them understood the professional world from a company standpoint both they also looked at my site from a freelance standpoint as well.

The state of fake news in America and how to decipher it.

As social media evolves the amount of fake news stories skyrockets. Writers deliberately sending out bias, propaganda and misleading information in the hopes they will gain readers and traction.

The term “fake news” has become a household term as President Donald Trump has made repeated accusations online about news organizations around the world.

Alyson Haley, Gal Meets Glam and Lauren Kay Sims have gained massive followings on their blogs over the years, and here’s why.

Photo by Arnel Hasanovic on Unsplash

Lifestyle blogs provide a curation of ideas, activities and interests within a blogger’s everyday life. Not only do they provide valuable information but they are written with a sense of heart that allows you to because more engaged with the writer. Lifestyle bloggers combine the best parts of informational and personal blogging together that allows anyone to find someone that they can relate with.

Lifestyle bloggers come in many forms and write about a wide variety of topics…

However, a Kansas City-based environmental activist, musical artist and filmmaker known as Esai hopes to spread awareness through his work on the current state of the Earth’s environment.

Esai explains that in 2016 he began looking more closely into the state of the environment. …

The academy awards have had their fair share of controversies over the years from white-washing nominees to cutting awards for commercial breaks to handing out the wrong envelopes.

There’s no telling what drama the Oscars will bring each year.

This year, the Oscars found controversy by going without a host, not nominating female directors and of course, Parasite winning the award for best picture.


ABC Entertainment President Karey Burke confirmed at the Television Critics Association presentations that 2020 would mark another year that the Oscars decided to go on without a host.

“Together with the Academy, we have decided there…

*** Originally posted on The Griffon News February 18, 2019.

The Oscars Academy Award Show has undergone heavy scrutiny this year due to a series of unpopular moves such as announcing a popular movie category, fewer musical performances and the Kevin Hart scandal.

The announcement to move four awards to the commercial break — cinematography, editing, hair and makeup and best live-action film — caused a backlash within the film community.

The Academy claims that the cuts were made to ensure that the broadcast would be under three hours. They also claim that the audience wouldn’t even notice the change…

CreditDonkey | Average Funeral Cost

The cost of dying has more than skyrocketed in the past 6 decades and families are finding it incredibly difficult to keep up.

In 1960, the average cost for a funeral service was $708 before cemetery fees and other charges. However, by 2019 the median cost of funeral services including fees was $9,135 and steadily rising.

The cost of a funeral is generally a lot more than people can afford during their time of need. A 2019 survey found that only 40% of Americans could afford to pay for an unexpected emergency over $1,000. …

A guide for eco-friendly funeral services.

Why choose a green burial?

With the world's population stretching over seven billion and with over 150,000 deaths per day, it might be time that we take a look at the environmental impact of our deaths. Green Burials decrease the harmful effects on the environment by utilizing methods that don’t use harmful chemicals or un-biodegradable containers.

Often green burials are chosen over traditional because they are more simplistic, cost less, preserve natural resources, eliminate chemicals and help to preserve the natural environment. …

Chandra Traxler

A journalist and filmmaker from Missouri

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